PPI Claim UK Can Help You Claim Back Mis-Sold PPI Fees

The ongoing PPI claims saga has affected a great number of people in the UK, and shows no signs of fading any time soon. So far, more the four million people have successfully claimed back the fees on mis-sold policies, and many more have the right to do so. If you have taken out a mortgage or a loan, a credit card or any other form of credit agreement you may have been mis-sold a payment protection insurance policy. At PPI Claim UK we are dedicated to helping you get back the payments you have made on a mis-sold policy, and have helped many thousands of people with great success.

Furthermore, we do not stop at claiming back PPI charges; we will also help you to get back payments on any unfair credit card charges that you may have been subject to over the last six years. It has never been easier to claim: all you need to do is fill in the simple online form and we will call you back when it is convenient to you, or if you prefer call us and speak to one of our expert claims advisers right away.

Why PPI Claims Makes Sense

It is understandable that many people are reluctant to use a claims management company to reclaim PPI charges, and you can make a claim without our help. It is our belief that our experience in the world of PPI claims means we can make the process easier. By letting us do the job you are relieved of the stress involved, and you can continue with life as normal while we go about the business of getting back what is rightfully yours.

Here are some great reasons for using our services:

1: Our team of SPECIALIST PPI CLAIMS SOLICITORS is there to assure your case gets the individual attention you deserve.

2: There are NO UPFRONT FEES as we do not believe in charging in advance.

3: Our NO WIN NO FEE package is exactly that: if we are not successful in pursuing your claim we do not charge you a penny.

4: You can rest easy knowing there are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS and we will even pay for missing paperwork to be replaced if necessary.

5: Each customer is allocated a DEDICATED CASE HANDLER so that you can be kept up to date with developments at all times; there is no hanging around on the phone with us!

PPI Claim UK has been in the business of Payment Protection Insurance claims since the scandal emerged. We work within the guidelines set by the Ministry of Justice, and take great pride in offering high levels of customer service.



All about Payment Protection Insurance

Like many finance products PPI is talked about in often confusing terms. There may have been plenty of column inches given over to the subject, yet still many people remain perplexed by some of the jargon used. Here we will try and explain the subject of PPI, and how the scandal came about, in clear and simple language.

How the PPI Claims Scandal Came About

A number of years ago the Financial Services Authority (FSA) received a number of complaints regarding alleged mis-selling of PPI. Upon investigation it was discovered that the complaints were justified, and that mis-selling was widespread. In 2007 a number of lenders were fined, and the regulations were changed in favour of the customer. In 2011 the High Court issued a ruling that all mis sold PPI charges must be repaid, with compensation added.

PPI Provisions and Fines

The High Court ruling led to the banks – and other lenders – putting aside an estimated £35billion in total in order to cover the expected PPI compensation repayments. Lloyds Banking Group alone is estimated to have allocated £10billion to repay its customers. Many lenders have also been heavily fined for their involvement in the scandal, including a number of retailers who were also involved. If you have been mis-sold PPI it is your basic legal right to claim back your fees, and the lender is legally obliged to pay you. You can choose whether to use a professional company to handle your PPI reclaim, or you can make the claim yourself.

How much will my PPI Claim be Worth?

The amount of each claim will differ, and depends heavily on the terms, length and amount of the original loan or mortgage. At present the average payment has been around £3000, although we know of one that exceeds £50,000.

It is possible to use an online PPI Calculator to get an idea of the amount you may be owed, but for more accurate results call us and have a chat with one of our expert advisers. We will be more than happy to talk to you and you are not under any obligation to use our services.